6″/150mm Mitutoyo Digital Caliper
Coolant Proof (IP65)


6″/150mm Mitutoyo Digital Caliper
Coolant Proof (IP65)




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The Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE coolant proof caliper delivers accurate, repeatable outside dimension, inside dimension, depth and step measurements with accuracy and unrestricted speed in an ergonomic design. The caliper’s slide and jaws are constructed of hardened stainless steel and provide an impact-resistant, easy-to-ready LCD display for durable, reliable use. The ABSOLUTE caliper can be used in workshop conditions exposed to coolant, water, dust and oil.

Character height on the LCD display increased from 7.4mm to 9.0mm for improved readability
Redesigned battery cover eliminates the need for a screwdriver
ABSOLUTE (ABS) linear scale eliminates the need for setting the origin point every time the micrometer is powered on
Origin reset is not required even when data is re-displayed after loss due to insufficient illumination during use
Stainless steel construction protects caliper components and ensures accurate performance for longer duration
Functions include Auto On/Off, Origin Set, Zero-Setting and inch/mm conversion (on inch/metric models only)
IP67 protection eliminates dust ingress, protects against temporary water submersion; permits use in environments exposed to cutting oil, dust, etc.
Unnecessary to wipe or clean the scale
Supplied in a fitted plastic case