4 FL Elite Carbide Medium Pitch Roughing End Mill W/ AlTiCrN
.3125 X .3125 X .750 X 2.50


4 FL Elite Carbide Medium Pitch Roughing End Mill W/ AlTiCrN
.3125 X .3125 X .750 X 2.50





10% Micrograin Carbide





Cutting Diameter


Shank Diameter


Flute Length


Overall Length


Corner Radius




End Type

Single End



Center Cutting





Standard Cutting Solutions


Using a roughing end mill is advantageous in machining operations for several reasons:

1. **Efficient Material Removal**: Roughing end mills are designed to remove large amounts of material quickly. They have a unique cutting geometry that allows for aggressive cutting with high feed rates. This makes them ideal for the initial stages of machining where the primary goal is to rough out the bulk of the material.

2. **Reduced Heat Generation**: The design of roughing end mills—often featuring serrations or a wavy cutting edge—helps in breaking up chips into smaller pieces. This not only facilitates easier chip evacuation but also reduces the heat generated during the cutting process. Less heat results in better surface finish and longer tool life.

3. **Minimizes Tool Wear**: The high-feed capability and chip-breaking design of roughing end mills distribute the cutting forces over a larger area of the tool, reducing wear and extending the tool life.

4. **Prepares for Finishing Operations**: By quickly removing most of the material, roughing end mills prepare the workpiece for subsequent finishing operations. This separation of roughing and finishing tasks allows each tool to be optimized for its specific purpose, leading to better overall precision and surface finish in the final product.

5. **Highly Effective on Tough Materials**: Roughing end mills are particularly effective in cutting tough materials like titanium and hardened steels. The robust design of these mills, often made from carbide, allows them to withstand the stresses involved in machining such materials.

6. **Versatility**: Roughing end mills can be used in a wide range of materials and machine types. Whether you’re working with a CNC machine or a manual milling machine, these tools can offer significant benefits in terms of speed and efficiency.

Using roughing end mills is about maximizing productivity and efficiency in the machining process, especially during the initial material removal phase. Their ability to quickly and efficiently remove large volumes of material while managing heat and wear makes them indispensable in many industrial applications.

AlTiCrN coating, short for Aluminum Titanium Chromium Nitride, on a roughing end mill significantly increases its edge strength and wear resistance, enabling the tool to maintain a sharp cutting edge for longer even under demanding conditions. This coating offers excellent thermal stability, allowing the end mill to perform effectively at high temperatures, which is crucial for machining tough materials. Additionally, the smooth surface of AlCrTiN reduces friction, enhancing chip flow and evacuation, and improving surface finishes on machined parts. These properties collectively extend the tool life, reduce maintenance costs, and boost overall machining efficiency.