4 FL GP Carbide Chamfer Mill W/ AlTiN
.375 X .375 X 2.50 W/ 90°


4 FL GP Carbide Chamfer Mill W/ AlTiN
.375 X .375 X 2.50 W/ 90°



General Purpose


10% Micrograin Carbide





Point/Included Angle


Cutting Diameter


Shank Diameter


Flute Length


Overall Length


Corner Radius



End Type

Single End



Center Cutting





Standard Cutting Solutions


Chamfer mills can be utilized in various machining applications to create beveled edges, prepare surfaces, and enhance the quality of parts. Here are several ways chamfer mills can be effectively used:

  1. **Deburring**: Chamfer mills are often used to remove burrs and sharp edges from machined parts, making them safer to handle and improving their overall appearance.
  1. **Creating Chamfers**: They can create chamfers on the edges of parts, which are often required for assembly, welding preparation, or to meet design specifications. Chamfer mills can create precise and consistent chamfer angles.
  1. **Countersinking**: Chamfer mills can be used to create countersinks for screws and bolts, allowing fasteners to sit flush with or below the surface of the part.
  1. **Edge Breaking**: When sharp edges need to be slightly rounded or broken to prevent chipping or to improve the fit and finish of the part, chamfer mills can be employed to create small, precise chamfers.
  1. **Preparing for Welding**: Chamfer mills can prepare the edges of parts for welding by creating beveled edges, which ensure proper penetration and strength of the weld.
  1. **Creating Lead-Ins**: They can create lead-in chamfers for threaded holes or other features, facilitating easier assembly and reducing wear on mating parts.
  1. **Machining Thread Relief**: Chamfer mills can create relief areas at the end of threaded sections to make it easier to start threading and to prevent damage to the threads.
  1. **Decorative Edging**: For parts where aesthetics are important, chamfer mills can add decorative chamfers to enhance the visual appeal of the part.
  1. **Tool Clearance**: Chamfering edges can provide clearance for other cutting tools during subsequent machining operations, reducing tool wear and improving machining accuracy.
  1. **Engraving and Marking**: Chamfer mills can be used for engraving and marking operations, creating clean and precise lines and features on the surface of the part.

AlTiN coating improves the performance and lifespan of a cutting tool. It is a thin layer of aluminum titanium nitride that is applied to the surface of the tool, providing improved hardness, wear resistance, and lubricity. The coating can also reduce friction between the cutting tool and the material being cut, resulting in better cutting speeds and reduced heat buildup. Overall, AlTiN coating can enhance the efficiency and precision of cutting tools, making them more effective for a wide range of applications.