4 FL Elite Carbide Fine Pitch Roughing End Mill W/ AlTiCrN
.250 X .250 X .750 X 2.50


4 FL Elite Carbide Fine Pitch Roughing End Mill W/ AlTiCrN
.250 X .250 X .750 X 2.50





10% Micrograin Carbide





Cutting Diameter


Shank Diameter


Flute Length


Overall Length


Corner Radius




End Type

Single End



Center Cutting





Standard Cutting Solutions


Using a fine pitch rougher over a medium pitch rougher offers several benefits, particularly in terms of machining performance and the quality of the finished workpiece. Here are some of the key advantages:

1. **Improved Surface Finish**: Fine pitch roughers produce a better surface finish compared to medium pitch roughers. The finer tooth spacing results in smaller, more consistent chips, which leads to a smoother surface on the workpiece.

2. **Reduced Cutting Forces**: The closer spacing of the cutting teeth in fine pitch roughers distributes the cutting load more evenly, reducing the overall cutting forces. This can minimize tool deflection and vibration, resulting in more accurate machining.

3. **Lower Power Consumption**: Because fine pitch roughers reduce cutting forces, they also typically require less power to operate, which can be advantageous for machine tool longevity and energy efficiency.

4. **Better Chip Control**: Fine pitch roughers generate smaller chips, which are easier to manage and evacuate from the cutting area. This reduces the risk of chip re-cutting and improves overall chip control, leading to a cleaner machining environment.

5. **Enhanced Tool Life**: The reduced cutting forces and improved chip control can extend the tool life of fine pitch roughers. The even distribution of wear across the cutting edges helps maintain sharpness and performance for a longer period.

6. **Reduced Risk of Workpiece Damage**: The smoother cutting action of fine pitch roughers minimizes the risk of workpiece damage, such as tearing or excessive heat generation. This is particularly important when machining delicate or thin-walled components.

7. **Better Suitability for Hard Materials**: Fine pitch roughers are often more effective for machining harder materials. The reduced cutting forces and improved chip control help prevent tool breakage and ensure consistent performance when working with tough materials.

8. **Versatility in Applications**: Fine pitch roughers can be used in a wider range of applications, including semi-finishing operations. Their ability to produce a good surface finish and manage chips effectively makes them versatile tools in various machining processes.

While fine pitch roughers offer these benefits, it is essential to consider the specific requirements of the machining task. Fine pitch roughers may not be the best choice for high-volume material removal where medium pitch roughers could perform better due to their more aggressive cutting action. Selecting the appropriate tool depends on the material, machining conditions, and desired outcomes.

AlTiCrN coating, short for Aluminum Titanium Chromium Nitride, on a roughing end mill significantly increases its edge strength and wear resistance, enabling the tool to maintain a sharp cutting edge for longer even under demanding conditions. This coating offers excellent thermal stability, allowing the end mill to perform effectively at high temperatures, which is crucial for machining tough materials. Additionally, the smooth surface of AlCrTiN reduces friction, enhancing chip flow and evacuation, and improving surface finishes on machined parts. These properties collectively extend the tool life, reduce maintenance costs, and boost overall machining efficiency.