4 FL GP Carbide Ball Nose End Mill W/ AlTiN
.125 X .125 X .500 X 1.50


4 FL GP Carbide Ball Nose End Mill W/ AlTiN
.125 X .125 X .500 X 1.50



General Purpose


10% Micrograin Carbide


Ball Nose



Cutting Diameter


Shank Diameter


Flute Length


Overall Length


Corner Radius




End Type

Single End



Center Cutting





Standard Cutting Solutions


A cutting tool is considered general purpose when it can perform a wide range of cutting operations on different types of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics and composites.  General purpose cutting tools typically have a moderate amount of cutting edge strength, which allows them to cut most materials at an acceptable speed without dulling quickly.  They also have a moderate rake angle, which contributes to their versatility by reducing the chances of vibration during the cutting process.  In summary, a general purpose carbide cutting tool is versatile enough to handle a range of cutting applications and materials while still maintaining a decent level of cutting edge strength and rake angle.

Carbide ball nose end mills are precision cutting tools with a full radius cutting edge, which is the shape of a half-ball. Here are some key uses and features:

1. **3D Contouring**: Ball nose end mills are ideal for machining 3D contour shapes in molds, dies, and prototype modeling. Their rounded tip provides smoother profiling and less chipping during machining.

2. **Finishing Operations**: The ball nose design is particularly good for finishing surfaces, providing a higher-quality surface finish than flat end mills. They are used to produce a smooth final surface on the part being machined.

3. **Slotting and Pocketing**: These end mills can produce rounded-bottom slots and pockets, which are necessary in various engineering applications.

4. **Machining Complex Curves**: They are particularly effective in machining intricate curves and corners where other end mills might not reach or perform well.

Due to their versatility and specific design, carbide ball nose end mills are crucial in jobs requiring fine detailing and smooth finishes in three-dimensional spaces.

AlTiN coating improves the performance and lifespan of a cutting tool. It is a thin layer of aluminum titanium nitride that is applied to the surface of the tool, providing improved hardness, wear resistance, and lubricity. The coating can also reduce friction between the cutting tool and the material being cut, resulting in better cutting speeds and reduced heat buildup. Overall, AlTiN coating can enhance the efficiency and precision of cutting tools, making them more effective for a wide range of applications.